Why Work With An Advisor?

by our friends at Virtuoso

We get it! Researching travel options can be fun. But information overload can also be overwhelming. A Virtuoso travel advisor cuts through the Internet clutter and collaborates with you to create custom trips, from experiences of a lifetime to weekend getaways. Our curated portfolio of more than 1,700 top hotels, cruise lines, tour operators and more means a Virtuoso travel advisor works with the best of the best. Here’s what else they offer:

Personalized Planning

Whether you’re the do-it-yourself type or are looking for someone to completely take the reins, when you collaborate with a travel advisor your trips will be tailored to your needs, interests and budget. 

Global Expertise And Connections

Not only do Virtuoso travel advisors have extensive personal knowledge of destinations around the world, they have relationships with people in those areas who can arrange experiences that make a trip truly extraordinary.

Value For The Money

A Virtuoso travel advisor has access to the same (and usually better) pricing than you can find online and can secure special perks like free room upgrades, daily breakfast and other benefits you can’t get on your own.

VIP Treatment

A Virtuoso travel advisor can get you exclusive access to events, private tours and other extras, from a private, after-hours opera performance at the Sistine Chapel to a one-on-one professional photography lesson during an expedition to see the Northern Lights.  

Peace Of Mind

In addition to saving you time, stress and money, your travel advisor is available 24/7 before, during and after your trip – so you can truly relax and enjoy yourself. 

Learn More

Virtuoso travel advisors can handle it all, from planning a destination wedding in Mexico to resolving water-damaged passport crises in the middle of a trip. For more examples of how the benefits above can work for you, read several real traveler stories here.

And if you're ready to use a Virtuoso travel advisor to plan your next trip, click here to connect.