Group Travel

Whether you travel with friends, family, a club or an association, we make it easy to travel as a group. Whatever your group's preferences, Avant-Garde Travel can design an unforgettable trip tailored to your group’s needs.


Group Travel FAQ's

Why Book Your Group with Avant-Garde Travel?

We have over 14 years’ experience designing custom travel experiences around the world, working with all major hotels, cruise lines and tour operators – with each trip tailored to your groups needs, theme or interest. There are many factors that need to be considered when planning group travel to ensure all travelers needs are met and the logistics run seamlessly. Searching the internet for your group trip will provide you with an overwhelming number of options. You need an expert to help you narrow down the best options for your group type, negotiate the lowest possible group rates (as well as extra privileges and benefits) and ensure you are making the right choice for your time and money. By booking with Avant-Garde Travel you will get unmatched value, insider knowledge, and outstanding personalized customer service with every journey.


How many people do I need to have for a group?

Avant-Garde Travel manages group vacations of every type and size however all you need is as little as 8 individual travelers to make a group and start earning group discounts with many hotels, tour operators and cruise lines! Please keep in mind that the group policy will vary based on the destination and supplier used.


What kind of benefits do groups get?

The perks of group travel will vary based on the type of trip, destination or supplier used but can range from complimentary or greatly reduced rates to extra amenities at no charge such as upgrades, cocktail parties, specialty dinners, private excursions and more.


Why should I create a new group trip?

As a group leader you can earn a reduced rate on your trip cost or choose to share the savings with the rest of the travelers in your group. Group leaders do not need to be tour guides, rather they are the person (sometimes referred to as "Pied Piper") who brings together and rally’s fellow travelers to go on the group journey.


Types of Groups

Family and Friends

Family Reunions, Milestone Anniversary Celebrations, Destination Weddings, Girlfriends Getaway – these are just some of the many reasons to gather your friends and family for an amazing vacation filled with quality bonding time and creating new lifelong memories together. No matter where everyone is located, Avant-Garde Travel handles all the details to ensure everyone is included.

Clubs and Associations

Many group are formed just by sharing a similar interest, such as a hobby, belief, purpose or a lifestyle. These can be either Professional Associations, Social Clubs or Religious Groups. Here are some of the types of clubs and associations who have benefited from our group travel services.

  • Church Groups

  • Museum Membership Departments

  • Travel Clubs

  • Wine Clubs

  • Gardening Clubs

  • Book Clubs

  • Knitting or Quilting Groups

  • Senior Groups

  • College Alumni Groups (Sorority & Fraternity)

  • Sports Clubs

  • Yoga or Pilates Studios

Non-Profit Organizations

Group travel organized by a non-profile organization can be used as a fundraising opportunity as a percentage of the revenue will be donated to the organization. This is a great way to highlight your organizations values, bond personally with your existing donors as well as cultivate interest in new donations.