New Year, New Blog!

Our New Year’s resolution here at Avant-Garde Travel is to FINALLY start our blog – and what else could we write about besides (you guessed it) Travel!

Working at a boutique travel management company, we are constantly researching, comparing, analyzing and discovering incredible travel experiences around the world – that we would love to share with you! What kind of travel you ask? While each team member has a different area of expertise, Avant-Garde Travel specializes in Leisure travel – that’s the kind of travel you want to experience versus the kind your boss makes you. You see we don’t just book the same hotel, cruise, tour, car or air for every client over and over (ps. how boring would that be?)…No, in fact we design custom travel itineraries based our client’s individual needs, style and interests.

Working with a Travel Advisor

When you work with one of our travel advisors we consult with you to make recommendations for your journey based on a variety of variables such as the time of year you are travelling, who you’re travelling companions are (friends, family, spouse etc.), what your budget is as well as some of the most important factors to consider like your personal style, passions, hobbies and interests. This formula is different for every single client we work with. Alternatively, some clients come to us and already know exactly what they want to do. That is ok – we can add value to the trip as we have access to exclusive pricing and package deals that are most times not available to the public.

Just Google It

You might think to yourself, isn’t all this travel information on the internet? And the answer is yes…somewhere, if you know where to look and the right questions to ask.

Results of a search done in January 2017

Results of a search done in January 2017

If you google, “Best Hotel in Paris” there are 133 MILLION page results! Best hotel for who, best hotel for what? There are a lot of follow up questions in this conversation that the internet can’t have with you!

While the internet provides an overwhelming amount of information on travel – who is there to help you sift through all that content and advise what is the best decision for you personally? A travel advisor. You might find an amazing tour operator through a web search, but who can vouch for their validity and ensure they will provide you with the services advertised. A travel advisor. Sometimes even the best laid plans go awry…who is with you before, during and after your journey and is your advocate to assist in case something goes wrong. You guessed it, your personal travel advisor!


We are not Robots

When you book travel online, you are just a credit card number to a supplier. Our travel advisors are real people whose job it is to manage and look after your entire travel experience. Good luck calling that online booking engine during an airline strike!

There are some things technology cannot replicate, and personal touch is one of them. The internet is not a real person looking out for your best interests. Our travel advisors have years of experience not only selling travel but also traveling themselves – behind the scene site inspections of hotels, cruising on the newest ships, experiencing both popular and off the beaten path destinations and developing relationships with suppliers around the world. This is all done to ensure we can offer the best service and experience for our clients.


  • It’s all about the relationships and personalized service - You can’t VIP yourself!
  • The internet doesn’t care about you – who is your advocate when something goes wrong?
  • You don’t know what you don’t know! Let an expert create a travel experience of a lifetime based on your personal interests and desires.

Your vacation time is precious and we here at Avant-Garde Travel want to ensure your time and money is spent wisely. Contact us today to plan your next amazing experience around the world!